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Are you struggling with calculating GST for your business transactions in Australia? Look no further! We provide the easiest, fastest, and most accurate Australian GST calculator designed specifically for Australian taxpayers like you. This user-friendly tool will be your best companion in streamlining your tax-related tasks and ensuring tax compliance.

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How to Calculate GST in Australia

We believe that GST calculation doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why our Australian GST Calculator requires just one input field for entering the amount in USD. Simply follow these easy steps to calculate GST:

Identify Whether the supplies are taxable

Before calculating GST, it’s essential to determine whether the supplies are taxable. In Australia, most goods are taxable, but there are some exceptions and special rules for various items.

Find the rate of GST

For the calculation of GST, find the rate of GST. In Australia, the GST rate is 10%, but in some exceptional cases, it can be zero.

Calculation of GST

After confirming that the transaction is taxable and knowing the current rate of GST, you can easily calculate the GST amount of the supplies by using the given formula:

The formula for GST Calculation

The formula of the Australian GST calculator is straightforward. You can calculate the GST amount by using the formula:

GST Amount = ( Total Price of the Services or Goods ) x ( 10/100 )

Let’s explore in detail how this formula works:

Total Price of Services or Goods: This is the total price of the goods or services. It includes the price of the services and goods and its shipping, handling, or any other charges.

10/100: It represents the rate of GST, which is 10%. To calculate the amount of GST, you will multiply the total price of the supplies 10/100 or 0.10.

Examples of GST Calculation

Example No 1: Calculating the Amount GST on Purchase Goods

If you are buying a laptop that costs $1,000, then the GST on it can be calculated as follows:

GST Amount = $1,000 x ( 10/100 ) = $100
So, the GST on the laptop is $100, which is 10% of the total cost.

Example No 2: Calculating the Amount of GST on Service

Suppose you are hiring a web developer for your website, and the developer charges $1000 for the service. Then the GST on this service is:

GST Amount = $1000 x ( 10/100 ) = $100
The GST is $100, 10% of the service charges in this case.


Add GST means to include the Goods and Services Tax (GST) tax in the total price of the supplies. This is usually done when a business or individual wants to provide a price inclusive of GST, which means that the buyer does not need to calculate the tax on goods separately.

The formula for adding GST to the price of the supplies is: GST Inclusive Price = GST Exclusive Price + ( GST Exclusive Price x 10/100)

Subtract GST

Subtracting GST means calculating the GST exclusive price of the GST inclusive price. It becomes valid when the total price includes GST, and you want to find the portion of the total price attributed to GST.

The formula for subtracting GST from the total price of the supplies is: GST Exclusive Price = GST Inclusive Price / (1 + 10/100)

Reverse GST

Reversing GST applies to businesses registered for GST (Goods and Services Tax) and have claimed input tax credits (ITCs) on expenses. ITCs allow businesses to recover the GST they have paid on business-related expenses. When a business reverses GST, it means they are undoing or repaying a previously claimed ITC to the tax authority (such as the Australian Taxation Office in the case of Australia).

The reverse GST is mainly used by businesses registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) and claimed Input Tax Credits (ITCs) on expenses. It allows businesses to recover the GST they have paid for their business expenses. When a business reverses its GST, it means that they are undoing or repaying the previously claimed ITC to the tax authority (for example, the Australian Taxation Office).

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The GST calculation formula in Australia is:
GST Amount = ( Price of the supplies ) x (10/100)

Australia’s standard Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate is 10% on most supplies. This means that the total GST collected is 10% of the price of the goods or services.

For calculating GST in Australia, you can easily use a simple formula. Let the price of goods or services be present in cell A1, and then you can calculate the GST by using the following formula:

=A1 * 10%

GST stands for “Goods and Services Tax.”. This tax applies to most supplies in many countries, including Australia.

TDS stands for “Tax Deducted at Source.” The government uses this method to collect income tax in an organized way.

In Australia, when your business reaches the limit of $75,000, you have to register your business activity statements monthly or quarterly. And you have to collect (one-eleven of the sale price) extra money from the customer. Then, you have to pay it to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

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